Introducing Smart Crawl! Join the waitlist to turn any website into an API with AI

Flexible Pricing

Start for free, then scale as you grow

Free Plan

500 credits


  • Scrape 500 pages
  • 5 /scrape per min
  • 1 /crawl per min


3,000 credits


  • Scrape 3,000 pages
  • 10 /scrape per min
  • 3 /crawl per min

StandardMost Popular

100,000 credits


  • Scrape 100,000 pages
  • 50 /scrape per min
  • 10 /crawl per min


500,000 credits


  • Scrape 500,000 pages
  • 500 /scrape per min
  • 50 /crawl per min
  • Priority Support

Enterprise Plan

Unlimited credits. Custom RPMs.

  • Top priority support
  • Feature Acceleration
  • SLAs
  • Account Manager
  • Custom rate limits volume
  • Custom concurrency limits
  • Beta features access
  • CEO's number

* a /scrape refers to the scrape API endpoint.

* a /crawl refers to the crawl API endpoint.

Scrape Credits

Scrape credits are consumed for each API request, varying by endpoint and feature.

FeaturesCredits per page
Scrape + LLM extraction (/scrape)50

Our wall of love

Don't take our word for it

Greg Kamradt
Greg Kamradt
LLM structured data via API, handling requests, cleaning, and crawling. Enjoyed the early preview.
Amit Naik
Amit Naik
#llm success with RAG relies on Retrieval. Firecrawl by @mendableai structures web content for processing. πŸ‘
Jerry Liu
Jerry Liu
Firecrawl is awesome πŸ”₯ Turns web pages into structured markdown for LLM apps, thanks to @mendableai.
Bardia Pourvakil
Bardia Pourvakil
These guys ship. I wanted types for their node SDK, and less than an hour later, I got them. Can't recommend them enough.
latentsauce 🧘🏽
latentsauce 🧘🏽
Firecrawl simplifies data preparation significantly, exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for creating Firecrawl ❀️❀️❀️
Michael Ning
Michael Ning
Firecrawl is impressive, saving us 2/3 the tokens and allowing gpt3.5turbo use over gpt4. Major savings in time and money.
Alex Reibman πŸ–‡οΈ
Alex Reibman πŸ–‡οΈ
Moved our internal agent's web scraping tool from Apify to Firecrawl because it benchmarked 50x faster with AgentOps.
I really like some of the design decisions Firecrawl made, so I really want to share with others.
Paul Scott
Paul Scott
Appreciating your lean approach, Firecrawl ticks off everything on our list without the cost prohibitive overkill.